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"A New Dress for Mona": A Powerful Play Unveiling the #OurStoryIsOne Campaign

On Sunday, the 7th of January 2024, the Coppell Bahá'í Community showcased a compelling play titled "A New Dress for Mona" at the Coppell High School Ninth Grade Center Auditorium. The collaborative efforts of an exceptionally talented cast and crew resulted in an outstanding and profoundly touching performance that resonated with everyone in attendance. With over 500 people gathered for the event, hearts were moved, and a significant message was delivered.

The play served as a platform to introduce the audience to the #OurStoryIsOne campaign, a global initiative by the Bahá'í International Community. This campaign aims to honor the memory of 10 Bahá'í women who, 40 years ago in Shiraz, Iran, were unjustly executed for their beliefs in gender equality, justice, and truthfulness. Their tragic fate became a symbol of resilience and sacrifice, inspiring countless others to stand up for principles of justice and equality, even at the risk of their own lives.

The execution of these women marked a dark chapter in the ongoing struggle for equality faced by Bahá'í women in Iran. Over the past four decades, hundreds more have been persecuted, facing discrimination as both women and Bahá'ís. Many have been imprisoned, tortured, and executed, while those who survive endure restrictions in education, employment, and social life. Despite these challenges, the spirit of resistance and determination among Bahá'í women in Iran remains unbroken.

#OurStoryIsOne sheds light on the shared experiences of women from various faiths in Iran, demonstrating unity in the face of adversity. The campaign counters the Iranian government's attempts to sow discord and hate, emphasizing that the story of suffering and resilience is a collective one. Through the campaign, the Bahá'í International Community seeks to unite individuals in recognizing the common struggle for justice and equality and to rebuild Iran, regardless of the sacrifices required.

The Coppell Bahá'í Community's decision to integrate the #OurStoryIsOne campaign into the play "A New Dress for Mona" is a powerful testament to the role of art in raising awareness and promoting social change. The play not only captivated the audience with its artistic brilliance but also left a lasting impact by fostering a deeper understanding of the ongoing struggle for equality in Iran.

As we commemorate the 40th anniversary of the tragic events in Shiraz, let us join hands to honor not only the 10 women who were executed but all women who have contributed to building a better Iran through their unwavering commitment and sacrifices. Through unity and collective action, we can continue to combat oppression and strive for a brighter, more prosperous future for all. #OurStoryIsOne

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