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Second annual Service to CommUNITY event organized by the Baha'is of Coppell

In the heart of Coppell, the Cozby Library and Community Commons recently became the focal point for an extraordinary celebration of service and unity, site of the second annual Service to CommUNITY event organized by the Baha'is of Coppell. This year's event, aimed to deepen the community's understanding and practice of service, as advocated by the teachings of the Baha'i faith.

The evening was dedicated to honoring individuals whose efforts have significantly impacted the Coppell community. The honorees were James Dailey, a dedicated engineer/paramedic with the Coppell Fire Department; Cynthia Arterbery, the long-serving principal of Valley Ranch Elementary; Laura Hynson, a special education teacher and department chair at Coppell High School; and Officer Kelly Luther, who has devoted her career to law enforcement and community service. Each honoree's story was a testament to the power of commitment, compassion, and community-mindedness.

The ceremony transcended mere recognition; it was an invitation for all attendees to reflect on the value of service and to consider how they, too, could contribute to the fabric of their community. The Cozby Library, a hub of learning and connection in Coppell, provided the perfect backdrop for such reflections, emphasizing the role of shared spaces in fostering community spirit and collaboration.

Through speeches, multimedia presentations, and personal testimonies, the stories of the honorees came to life, weaving a tapestry of service that spans different domains yet shares a common thread of selfless dedication. The event also served as a platform for community leaders and Baha'i members to discuss future initiatives, underscoring the ongoing commitment to service and unity in Coppell.

As the evening concluded, the sense of inspiration was palpable. The Service to CommUNITY event not only celebrated remarkable individuals but also reinforced the importance of collective action and mutual support. It highlighted the Baha'i vision of a community where service is not just a one-time act, but a way of life, encouraging all present to carry forward the spirit of unity and service into their daily lives.

Looking ahead, the Baha'is of Coppell are committed to nurturing this spirit of service with plans to expand their community initiatives and continue fostering an environment where every individual is empowered to make a difference. As Coppell grows and evolves, the annual Service to CommUNITY event will undoubtedly remain a beacon of hope and a reminder of the profound impact that dedicated individuals can have on their community.

James Dailey: A Pillar of Protection and Care

James Dailey's career with the Coppell Fire Department as an Engineer/Paramedic is a testament to his unwavering commitment to public safety and wellness. His journey, beginning in 2001, reflects a dedication not just to his profession but to the very heart of Coppell. James's love for his family and his passion for investing in others—coupled with his enjoyment of travel and beach time—round out the portrait of a man whose service extends beyond duty, touching lives through both emergency response and community engagement.

Cynthia Arterbery: Shaping Futures with Vision and Dedication

For over two decades, Cynthia Arterbery has stood at the helm of Valley Ranch Elementary, guiding it with an innovative spirit and a deep commitment to student growth. Her leadership, rooted in a rich educational background from the University of North Texas and Texas Southern University, has brought forth programs that not only enhance academic achievement but also empower students to confidently make their mark. Cynthia's story is one of resilience, adaptability, and visionary leadership, reflecting a life dedicated to educational excellence and community upliftment.

Laura Hynson: Advocacy and Empowerment through Education

Laura Hynson's career in the Coppell ISD spans many years, transitioning from a paraprofessional to the special education department chair at Coppell High School. She has a great passion for her work which translates into a profound impact on students with diverse needs. Her leadership in various clubs and organizations underlines her commitment to creating inclusive educational environments. Laura's dedication to her students and her pride as a Stephen F. Austin State University graduate illuminate her path as one of advocacy, mentorship, and community service, making significant strides in special education and beyond.

Officer Kelly Luther: Commitment to Safety and Community Service

Officer Kelly Luther's journey in law enforcement, beginning in 2001 and leading her to the Coppell Police Department's Community Services division, exemplifies dedication to public safety and community well-being. She is a member of a small cadre of women in the police forces nationwide. Her narrative, from dispatcher to a valued member of the Coppell PD, alongside her husband's service in the Coppell Fire Department, highlights a family deeply integrated into and in love with Coppell's culture. Kelly's career reflects a blend of personal sacrifice, professional growth, and community love, underlining the critical role of law enforcement in fostering safe and vibrant communities.


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