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1992 Race Unity Month Proclamation by the Mayor of Coppell TX


WHEREAS science and technology have made the world a neighborhood and

WHEREAS the greatest challenge facing humanity is the recognition of the oneness of mankind and

WHEREAS any act that discriminates against or otherwise restricts the human rights of any person or group of persons demeans their dignity and is contrary to the teachings of God and

WHEREAS we affirm our belief in the brotherhood of man and the equality of every person in their spiritual essence and human dignity and

WHEREAS the recognition that mankind belongs to one family under one God brings with ft the responsibility to respect and to help one another in every way and

WHEREAS the Baha'is of the City of Coppell , Texas, are joining in The Call to Eliminate Racism observance to promote the cause of brotherhood of man under God,

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Mark Wolfe , Mayor of the City of Coppell do hereby declare November 1992 as


in the city and urge all to resolve in this month to promote in themselves and in the community those qualities and attributes that will generate the recognition of the oneness of mankind, to fight all forms of prejudice, to work for the unity of our local community, our national community, and of the world community.

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